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Spautin-1 (Cat.# 2037-5, -25): An Autophagy Inhibitor

Autophagy is a catabolic process involving lysosomal turnover of proteins and organelles for maintenance of cellular homeostasis and mitigation of metabolic stress. Autophagy is also involved in innate and adaptive immune responses, playing a key role in interactions against microbes, in antigen processing for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) presentation, and in lymphocyte development, survival, and proliferation. In mammals, autophagy has been implicated in either the pathogenesis or response to a wide variety of diseases, including neurodegenerative disease, chronic bacterial and viral infections, atherosclerosis, and cancer. BioVision offers a variety of products for autophagy research including antibodies, autophagy inducers and autophagy inhibitors.

We are now proud to introduce a new product called Spautin-1 (Specific and potent autophagy inhibitor-1) to our existing portfolio of autophagy research products.


  • Spautin-1 acts as a very specific and potent autophagy inhibitor in mammalian cells.
  • Spautin-1 promotes the degradation of Vps34 PI3 kinase complexes by inhibiting two ubiquitin specific peptidases, USP10 and USP13 that target the Beclin1 subunit of Vps34 complexes.
  • Spautin-1 also blocks the prosurvival autophagy pathway in cancer cells.