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New 384-well Glutathione Fluorescent Detection

Our new 384-well Glutathione Fluorescent Detection kit includes 2 384-well plates and is a modified version of our very popular Fluorescent Glutathione Detection Assay kits, K006-F1 and K006-F5.  This kit uses 5 times less sample, achieves similar sensitivity and precision, and is the most economical method to measure GSH in samples.  This new 2 plate kit, K006-F1D, provides the 384 well plates, both Reduced GSH and Oxidized GSH standards, ThioStar Detection Reagent, all buffers needed

•           Most economical kit to measure Glutathione – Lowest cost per result

•           Lowest sample volume

•           Most sensitive

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K006-F1 Glutathione Fluorescent Detection Kit 1×96 well plate       300 euro