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Hibrydomax Hybridoma Growth Supplement

Hybridoma Growth Supplement
Quantity: 11 ml
HYB-01 = 87 EURO
HYB-05 = 415 EURO
HYB-1 0 = 785 EURO

Expiry Date 

The HybridoMax Hybridoma Growth Supplement can be used until 6 months
after manufacture, when properly stored at 4°C.
The expiry date is on the bottle.
It is advised to use the supplement as fresh as possible.
The prepared Hybridoma growth medium can be stored at 2°C – 8°C for at least 3 months.


The serum -free Hybridoma growth medium is a chemically defined culture
medium supporting the serum -free growth of various hybridomas and 293 cells. The compounds of Hybridoma growth medium include water for injection, a modified DMEM/F12 base, HEPES buffer, known amounts of insulin, transferin, testosterone, sodium selenite, ethanolamine, a variety of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and stabilizing proteins. HybridoMax contains no IL-6 and no  bovine serum albumine or other undefined protein mixtures.


The HybridoMax Hybridoma Growth Supplement is ready to use. Prepare the
serum free Hybridoma growth medium by dissolving 1 bottle of HybridoMax (11 ml) into 1 Liter of D -MEM F-12 (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium F- 12).

Quality Controls

There is no need to test the medium before use. All compounds and the complete medium are tested in advance by our company. The solution is


The HybridoMax Hybridoma Growth Supplement is for laboratory use only. It
is not to be used as drug, for household or other uses. Although certain products may be used for investigation procedures in animals, neither the animals used in such studies or any of the resulting products may be used as food for humans or other animals